December 21, 2010
why is it that parents today don't believe in teenage love?
why is it that when someones kid falls in love that it's shunned upon?
why can't kids today be free from all of the challenges of life?
why can't they live life to it's fullest while they can?
why are teens always pushed around to conform to what the older people want?
do you know why?
it's because people want a teen to be proud of.
it's because a parent want's the perfect child.
but there is no perfect child.
theres no such thing as one.
because every teen has his or her own flaws.
no ones perfect.
perfect is something that can't be found.
it is unreachable.
it is impossible.
and no one can understand why.
what happens when a teen does something that the parents don't want?
they get yelled at.
they get grounded.
they get in trouble.
all because they want to change the world one person at a time.
all because they are being themselves.
because they are unique.

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