December 21, 2010
Little girl 3 years old

Blonde hair with little curls

and blue eyes

She favors her mother

and she is beautiful

She grins and giggles as daddy takes her hand

and helps her step into the van

He makes sure she gets buckled in tight

She is one of his most precious gifts in life

He kisses her on the cheek

and calls her beautiful

And that’s exactley what she is

Faster than daddy expects, his little girl isn’t so little anymore

He isn’t the only guy calling her beautiful

The little girl gets her heart broken

She runs to her daddy

He tells her everything is alright

and he calls her beautiful

And that’s exactley what she is

She wipes a tear off her cheek


and says

“Thank you daddy. I love you.”

One day the little girl will find a man who treats her right

But she will always remember the first man in her life

The very first man who called her beautiful

She is beautiful


and out

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