"Confused Heart"

December 16, 2010
Such a fragile heart,
She keeps Hidden under her skin,
Buried behind the barricades of memories shattered apart,
Angel she can not play; Angels do not sin,
One inch from a commitment,
As her toy waits for her at the altar,
She plays passionate games In their very own apartment ,
She knows the pAth she is following after,
But she can not stop,
Being bad is new,
This time she wants to know how it feels to be the criminal and the
men be the victims and let god be the cop,
She never knew,
Her toy ,
Was a gift,
But this gentlemen she decided to void,
Gave her a uplift,
Supported her thru her decisions,
And she committed dirty deeds,
Confusing her self causing her heart to get into a emotional collision ,
Little devils begin to feed,
Enjoying the terror evaporating from each others soul,
The pain she gives to him,
The guilty she forever has to hold,
This time the devil has these two young hearts pinned..

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