December 16, 2010
By kelly13 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
kelly13 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Strength is a woman with her head held high. She has been through a lot, but she still stands tall. She never gives up and always pulls through.
Strength is hard to find but if you believe in her, then she is always there. She is my best friend. You have to earn her though, she is definitely not easy. You have to work hard for her friendship.
Because of her I learned to stick up for people who get picked on or teased. I learned to calm myself and hold back what I really want to say whenever I am mad at someone. Strength doesn’t like people who give up and quit.
She looks like an average person, with a little extra muscle of course. She has big shoulders that her friends can lean on when they are down. She teaches people how to respond to hurtful situations so they can be as strong as her.

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