December 16, 2010
By katel BRONZE, Blue Spring, Missouri
katel BRONZE, Blue Spring, Missouri
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Go away my world is silent.
My dreams are almost real.
My tears run down my
Face like a river without block or levee.
Draining every bit of light out of my eyes.
After you my heart stopped,
It ached because we gave up.
It started breaking.
My eyes are haunted.
My spirit is for the taking.
I’ll never admit to missing you.
I’ll never let your name pass my lips.
Broken promises for broken hearts.
It was never enough for you.
Truth to lies.
Love to hate.
Everything changed.

The author's comments:
i know many teenage girls feel this way about a boy or other people. like i do. this is written for a boy who ran away with my heart.

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