daylight hours are fadeing

December 16, 2010
By LittleLover SILVER, Lawrence, Kansas
LittleLover SILVER, Lawrence, Kansas
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Daylight hours are finally fading,
Memories of you are staying,
staying all through the day,
and all hours in between,
why do images of you stay,
stay all day,
and stay all night?
Is it because of your funny attitude,
Is it because your just so awsome?
Is it because your inner beauty is ballin,
is it because your just so brave,
Is it because your chill,
is because you seem to be because you still act like a child,
at heart,
is it because you have a style that's dark,
and that's what i love about you,
is it because you hug me daily?
Is it because your excellent,
is it because your enchanting
eyes so dark,
is it because your fantastic,
is it because your just a fantasy,
is it because your gorgeous,
is because your like a Greek god,
is because your handsome,
is it because your honest,
Is it because your imaginative,
Is it because your interesting,
Is it because your not the type for jealousy,
Is it because your personality is just so jumpy,
is it because your kind,
is it because your like a knight from a far off kingdom,
is it because your so loving,
is because your loud,
and that's what i love about you?
Is it because your Magnificent,
Is it because your Marvelous,
is it because your neat,
is it because your nice,
is it because I'm obsessed?
about everything about you,
Is it because your odd,
and different,
is it because your not plain,
and your personality,
is just so out there,
is it your just so rockin,
is it just you seem so real,
is it just you seem so sweet,
is it just cause your so super,
is it just because your terrific
is it because your so tight,
is it because your so wild,
and willing to cheer me up,

I keep trying to get over you,
but i just can't,
you seem so perfect,
why cant you just see,
that someone loves you for you,
and that someone is me.

Why can't i get over you...
I've really tried
you have too much terrific things about you,
why can't you see it hurts me,
when you act so desperate,
it hurts me way down deep,
your terrific just the way you are,
that's one thing i love about you,
your not fake,
your down to earth just enough,
I love you so much,
why can't you see,
that your the one for me,

If you wanna see me smile,
just ask me to be your valentine,
that's the one thing to make my day,
really make me happy,
on the inside and out,
why can't you see your the one for me,

i loves you with all my heart,
every-last broken piece,
don't you know its hard for me to say i love you,
i have had my heart broken enough,
i trust you with a whole heart,
please don't break it again,
i really do trust you,
so go ahead thrust me off my feet,

your the one for me,
forever and always,
i will love you,
why can't you see?

No one understands why i feel this way,
around you,
and toward you,
maybe i see something others don't,
maybe i look at you with all my heart,
maybe i look at you inside and out,
and realize there is more than what meets the eye,

you seem special,
oh so very special,
i wish i was special enough for you to notice,
me staring at you,

my friends say I'm obsessed,
maybe i am,
but a good friend would be happy,
a true friend would talk to me about it,
and an even better friend would be asking how you feel about me.

I love you,
i want you to take this note and be my boo,
like a lovebirds coo,
the time is due,
for you to notice me,
yes you foo,
not that goo over there,
who you yes,
I'm not new to you,
we've been friends forever.
why don't you notice me the way i notice you?

Is it because your shy,
is it because you've had your heartbroken too?
Is it because your afraid to break my heart?
Is it because you just aren't that in to me?

If your not that into me.
it would better to just tell me,
take me by the hand sit me down,
take my hand in your hand,
look me in the eye and just tell me that your not that into me!

I will be fine,
but going on not knowing is worse then knowing,
I'm afraid to approach you,
I'm afraid to tell you i want to talk about us and whats going on,

I'm afraid to talk to you by myself,
especially since your best friend has a crush on me,
awkward right,
I just want you to understand

Your the one for me,
you may not see it,
or realize it,
Love don't cost a thing,
accept that someone is special enough to be with you!

Is because your afraid i will have no time for you,
i make time for the people i love,
and your just lucky enough to be filled in in the requirements.

I would rather be hurt,
make me feel like dirt,
but honey just tell me.
do you love me?
i know i won't be the first,
and most certainly not the last,

But don't you dare lie,
to me,
don't buy,
me expensive crap,
I will only die,
if you lie
to me,
but if you lie,
and act like you love me,
make me fly,
fly high,
and break it to me you really don't,
i will just have to inform you you weren't the guy for me,

If you break my heart,
I will have to inform you,
you weren't the first
and will not be the last,

I love you,
can't you see,
open your eyes,
and notice me,
your the one for me,
everyday and every night your what i believe in,
open your eyes,
and notice me.

love is but a feeling,
love is but a word,
love is but a dream,
love don't mean a thing,
OK it does but only if you mean it.

so close your eyes and dream,
dream about me,
dream about what you want to happen,
dream about us,
it will only happen,
if you want it to,
i will waite for you,
as long as i can,
but i don't know how long that will be,
It depends on if i begin liking someone differenct,
but the choice is yours.
so take your chance,
and decide.

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