December 16, 2010
By LittleLover SILVER, Lawrence, Kansas
LittleLover SILVER, Lawrence, Kansas
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Don’t you dare,Break my heart,
Don’t you dare,
Tell me you love me,
And change your mind,
About it,
About me,
Don’t you dare lie to me,
Don’t you dare call me special unless you mean it,
Don’t tell me you’ll never leave me,
If you know it’s a lie as much as I.
Don’t ever make me break down,
Where I won’t talk,
Where I won’t smile,
Where I won’t even get out of bed.
Don’t you dare ever lie to me,
Lies break up the people you love,
Lies can kill,
If you really love me then you won’t,
Dare tell me you love me unless you mean it,
Promise me you won’t leave me,
You do this,
I’ll do the same,
So neither one of us die of a broken heart,All I can honestly do is say I love You!
And nothing else.

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