December 16, 2010
I stand there
The tree towering over me
At the time I believe it is the tallest thing around.
The tallest thing ever created.

The sap dripping down the side
The fresh leaves,
The victory of making it all the way to the top once more.

I reach for the lowest branch
A shiver runs down my back
I start the climb that I can almost do in my sleep.
The rough bark underneath my hands,
The sap covers my clothes
Ripped from all the small branches

Finally I reach the top
The place I feel I can do anything
I look out over all the houses
Past what seems like the never ending ocean of blue
The city off in the distance
The skyline illuminate by the lights of the building

Finally its time for me to go home for dinner.
I begin the descent
The sap now covers any piece of imaginable
I reach the bottom and look up to where I had once been
And will be again soon.

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