December 16, 2010
By andrewww BRONZE, Yarmouth, Maine
andrewww BRONZE, Yarmouth, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
"running is a run-hate relaionship"

I wake up to my morning routine.
My alarm had woken me at the same time everyday.
I went to go get my clothes so I could get dressed.
That was when I noticed that they were missing.
My shorts
The ones I wore everyday
The wonderful dark blue of the shorts call to me
I am missing them
Without them I am nothing
My mind expands to think of who could have done this.
My brain finally settled on a person
The one that is responsible.
She is the one who hates it when I walk to school with just shorts
She is the one who nags and complains about my legs begin frozen
She is the one who always wanted me to where my pants, and not my shorts
She is the one who stole my shorts
Mother is the one.
I begin the hunt
Nothing, is what I found.
There was only one pair of pants that fit me.
A gross pair of sweat pants
Hand-me-downs from my brother
With holes weaving in and out of them
The very thought of wearing them was urn-bearable.
But then a clever idea crosses my mind:
I had another pair,
Yes, another pair
In my gym locker at school.
Could it work?
Of course it could!
I desperately ran to school, I did not live very far away
When I got there, I found my shorts.
Hanging on the locker door.
At last I was saved.
I quickly changed and left the room
A smug grin growing across my face.

The author's comments:
I like to run so I wear track shorts everyday

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