Where I am from

December 16, 2010
By , Metairie, LA
I am two worlds combined
From Arabic to Spanish
I am from “Pronounce this” and “Say that”
Though in each language I am lost
I am from hummus and yellow rice
From Robert and Alicia
I am from glasses and dark hair
A trait that most of my cousins share
I am from a big family
I am from hot tea and strong coffee
Though the accompanying conversation
Went on long after the drink had gone cold
I am from fair share and family democracy
Though my mother tends to have veto power
I am from Sunday morning mass though
More often than not, 5:30 mass is the one I frequent
I am from the nameless tree in the backyard
Whose limbs my sister and I made into out home
I am from rollerblades and soccer
Activities that took me on adventures in my yard to the park
I am from books and imagination
From dragons to the renaissance
I am from homemade strawberry shortcake
And I even survived the disastrous bunny cake attempt
I am from Saturday morning cartoons and
Waking up my parents to watch the latest Disney movie
I am from checking under the bed
and scaring monsters out of the closet yet
I am from suspense and horror movies
I am from anime and cosplay
Though my interests far exceed my talent
I am from a family who loves me
And whose love I return
I am happiness and childhood dreams
I am wishes fulfilled

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