Last Sight

December 16, 2010
By Kyle1 BRONZE, Brighton, Michigan
Kyle1 BRONZE, Brighton, Michigan
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The small sea wave rushes in to the sand and leaves its wet imprint.
I observe the sparkling beauty of the clear blue water,
As the sun falls beneath the trees behind me.
The moment I look up the seagulls are soaring freely in the air,
While I watch, wishing I could fly.
The light brown sand,
With multiple dents and divots in it.
This one place,
This one time,
This one year,
This one life,
I get to enjoy this peace and quiet,
With this warm,
Slow moving,
The orange sky from the sun setting,
Reflects far back to the edge of the sea miles away,
Helping me understand,
Why God put me on this earth.
I finally understand,
What I was here to see.
Just me,
On this sandy island,
Realizing the true reason,
I was stranded here.
My stomach growls,
As asking for food.
And slowly,
I lay there,
Seeing this wondrous sight,
As my last sight,
I’ll ever see.

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