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December 16, 2010
By smilesalot598 BRONZE, Metiarie, Louisiana
smilesalot598 BRONZE, Metiarie, Louisiana
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life sucks

The sound is a cross between a fire truck and ambulance,
It goes off at six-thirty a.m., and I press snooze at every chance.
It’s a signal for me to wake up and get on with my day.
Sometimes it’s a ten more minutes for me to stay here and lay.
It’s an annoyance to my brother, who sleeps in the next room,
who would not mind smacking it with a broom.
It tells me to get dressed and brush my teeth, and to get myself to school.
It even awakes me to the wetness under my cheek, drool.
It’s like a big surprise every morning. It’s always a big shocker.
It reminds me to rush so I can make it to my locker.
I sleep right through it sometimes, which could end in bad result.
Sometimes it does not go off at all, which really is not my fault.
It’s not my friend, it’s more of a foe.
It is in fact my alarm clock, it's ringing, "Oh, no!"

The author's comments:
It was fun to write

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