Oh say Did You Know?

December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Oh say did you know,
That not long ago,
Several lives were lost,
To some idiot prejudice,
That wouldn’t let colored people vote?

Oh say did you see,
People no different from you or me,
Paying the poll tax and struggling to read,
Being denied their right all because they wore a different skin?

Oh say did you hear,
The screams let out in fear,
By the innocent children as their parent’s were slain,
Never to move again,
Just so the next generation could vote?

Oh say do you care,
About those less fortunate than you,
Who have not a thing to wear,
Who can’t read or write,
Because money is an object,
Not a thing to waste?

Oh say can you see,
The flag that waves in the sky,
Representing the freedom of blacks and whites alike,
Those people are you and me!

Oh say will you do,
Something to benefit others,
Not just you?

The author's comments:
I wrote this after becoming inspired by the movie, 'Murder in Mississippi' in government class.

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