Sun and Snowflakes in Park City

December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Freshly mowed grass dancing in the cool summer’s breeze
Children's laughter echoing off the pond, bounding up into the blue open sky
Sticky sunscreen escaping off into the murky pool
A mosaic of voices singing the national anthem on the 4th
The out of tune ring of the shop bells on Main Street
Hot air balloons dotting the sky in unexpected bursts of rainbow
The swift rush of water down the plastic pool slide
The click of a croquet mallet on the bright blue ball
Feet pounding up the stairs in a continued rhythm
Ice cubes ringing against each other in a cup of frosted lemonade
Clouds forming shapes of imagination 
Uneven breaths on a morning run
Bike spokes whirring along a windy path
The crackle of the fire as it jumps among black coals in the barbecue
Ducks quacking as they tear a ripple into the water
The roll of an old truck’s tires on the dusty ground at the farmers market 
Pages of a book whispering as they are turned under the warm afternoon sun  
The quite rustle of pine tree branches as fall begins to dawn
Dramatic sighs of the earth as the weather begins to change
Snow softly floating down onto the front lawn outside
Steam curling up from the hot tub and gasping into the brisk winter air
Skis gliding over the sparkling sleek coat of snow
The crunch of caramel apples
The drawing of a curlie cue with a skate on an ice rink
Countdown to the New Year
Mishapen snowballs launched from a snow mitten
Frozen toes sighing in front of the flickering fire
Sleep cascading down upon the condo 
The slow drip drip of a gleaming icicle
Icy wind swirling past rosy cheeks 
The pat of snow boots across an iced cobblestone bridge
Thick colored socks sliding across the smooth kitchen floor
Savory stew boiling on the stove 
Snow caps on tree branches turning into glistening water
The first flap of a butterflies wings as winter melts to spring

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