Believe In Me, and I'll Believe In You

December 15, 2010
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The morning’s here, and I’m still caught up in the night.
Eight hours ago, I prayed for you to be there with the sunrise
You didn’t disappoint me.
I’m a wreck and I know it; it’s obvious you know too.
Why stay with a crazy girl like me?
They told me that you’d always be watching me
And I almost forgot to believe them.
My lack of faith in this beautiful life makes me feel like I’m falling into nothing.
Luckily, you’re teaching me how to fly.
Lifting up my hands,
Dropping my pride,
Giving it all up for something better.
I cry and know it’s alright to separate from the wrong crowd into yours because I know now in the
Darkest nights
When the moon
From me, you’ll light a way from above,
Shine it down,
And lead me home.

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