that girl

December 24, 2010
i'm not that girl
so avert your eyes from the sway of my back when i walk
and my chest when i talk
and actually look into my soul, its the only way you'll know
the only way you could get inside of me, to see
who i really am
and if you weren't to distracted and yelling "ayo baby" at me
you could listen to what i speak
if you really cared
now you want me to put condoms in my jeans
then maybe i can be called "wifey"
trying to use cute metaphors
so we can "get it hardcore"
cuz "im the one you adore"
... no, i looked into your eyes
and saw it was all lies
cuz the only thing you adore is in between womens' thighs
but i'm not that girl
i will not allow you to violate my hips
you don't even hear the words from my lips
so my pants will not unzip
so i keep walking strong and proud as a woman does and hope i don't trip
cuz i don't want to forget
what i will not allow
so avert your eyes, from my body and peer into my mind
cuz I
will never be that girl

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