For The People of Africa

December 23, 2010
By Timoru SILVER, Bethel, Alaska
Timoru SILVER, Bethel, Alaska
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There are people,
Outside these walls,
Far from the anything,
I saw,
The hunger,
The sorrow in their eyes,
The pain from the hopelessness when they cry,
Staring at the sky.

Waiting for the rain,
To drain down the dirt,
The ground that they walk on,
The dry land with no corps growing upon,
Waiting for the sky to cry,
Wiping away the life they hope were lies,
I can see it in there eyes,
How they feel,
When they look ahead of them and see nothing but the ground turning dry,
It sent tears down my eyes.

The sky might seem blue to me and you,
We see bright clouds moving along in twos,
We have people to care for us, But to others,
The people of the south,
Their words were ripped right off their mouth,
But no one can hear them,
No matter how loud they cry,
Doesn't matter how many time they tried,
No one can hear them,
Tearing down,
Without anyone to help them.

Living is like dying,
Their life means nothing to others,
The fact makes me mad,
They're humans too,
Longing to be save,
These people,
I want you to think of them,
These people,
Are starving and dying,
Humans just like us,
Let us do what we can,
For the people of Africa. ?

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for the people of Africa, because I feel that their voice needs to be heard. They are desperate for help, and every little things count. They add up to be bigger things.

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