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December 14, 2010
By KylieNicole GOLD, Bakersfield, California
KylieNicole GOLD, Bakersfield, California
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\"Wake up and smell the rain before it sweeps you away, away from all of your dreams building up, away from your beautiful life. Hurry up and enjoy the great drops of shimmer you spread on the world.\" -Me

theres just something about the way you look at me tonight

it feels like something is hiding inside

where are you going

why cant i go with you

i cant bare to see you hurt like this anymore

i wish i could stop him from doing this to you

come with me and youll be safe

ill watch over you like an guardian angel

sheild you from all harm

im sorry my dear

for this fear in your beautiful eyes

you shouldnt have to hold this in your heart

why do you let him scare you so

instead of fleeing away

youre cornered in this awful trap

where have you gone

my love for you is forever here

it seems you are lost

how can that man steal one of the few beauties of this world

you brightened my whole life

now i have nothing more to live for

you may be something lost

but Grace, you hold a place in this tattered heart for eternity

The author's comments:
during christmas time 2009 i read a book called Grace. i wrote this a while after reading it.

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