Blinded By The Blind

December 14, 2010
By thekidwhospoke113 BRONZE, Wind Lake, Wisconsin
thekidwhospoke113 BRONZE, Wind Lake, Wisconsin
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Im drowning in my own insanity,

trying to decide whether to sink or swim for the sake of my mentality.

as my range of emotions shrinks, so does my stomach.

I look so tired but feel so terribly awake.

I'm blinded by the one who refuses to see.

Nothing hurts more than the heart that beats inside of me.

I scream out for love, but no one can hear.

Once again im facing my biggest fear.

So many questions, but no answers to be found.

I listen for your song, but hear no sound.

My smile a disguise, how i feel is known only by the wise.

Curiosity is my illness.

No pill would dare try to cure this.

Only one has the answers i desire,

Only you can stop the burning fire...

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