24 questions...

December 15, 2010
By Anonymous

What if i told you about my past.?
How would everything be.?
Would you still stay by my side.?
Would you still be in love with me.?
What if i told you,i've made mistakes.?
What if they're too big to ignore?
Would my past ruin our future.?
Would you leave me like others before.?
What if I told you im sorry.?
What if i begged you not to go.?
Would that even do any good.?
Would you stay,so i'd have you to hold.?
What if I said,I cant change what i did.?
Would you believe,I would if i could.?
Is there a chance that we could move on.?
Could we just make things normal and good.?
Would you constantly remind me.?
Would you bring it up when things got bad.?
You know how much that would hurt me,right.?
Do you know,i'd be so angry and mad.?
So,what if i told you about my past.?
How would everthing be.?
Should i risk everything by telling the truth.?
Should i trust you enough,to trust me.?

The author's comments:
Almost everyone has something in their past that they may not be proud of,and sometimes it can greatly affect a relationship...

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