My first Epic (Written in I.S.S.)

December 14, 2010
By lenhartm BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
lenhartm BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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In a unknown home, a man sits alone, for another sleepless night.

He has had enough, it is time for him to set things right.

But as he gathers the will to pull the trigger...

He is approached by a mysterious hooded figure.

The man tries to get a look at his face, but he only manages to see his eyes.

"Angel or Demon, why have you come to disturb me as I prepare to die?"

"I have came to warn you, this is a foolish decision you are about to make...

...Give me the chance to change your mind before you seal your fate"

After hearing those words the man's eye lids felt heavy, and soon they were closed.

But an instant later, he open them, and he quickly arose!

For he and the stranger were no longer at his home.

Now they were before a couple who thought they were alone.

They were standing in the middle of a moonlit city street.

They man could not feel ground, and when he looked down he saw it was not touching his feet!!

The man was shocked! "What are you? Were are we? Am I a ghost?"

"None of that matters now, pay attention to what your about to see and you will learn what in life matters most"

The man didn't want to hear a single word "I lived my life! and this is what I learned....

I never recieved what I truley earned!!"

to the man's supprise, the stranger laughed and gave no reply

He pointed him to the young couple, they were in the process of saying good-bye.

They held a final embrace, their eyes were filled with tears.

Losing a loved one is one of man kind's greatest fears.

As the two were pulled away from each other they shared a final kiss.

The other, they will surely always miss.

The stranger turned to the man and said, "Do you believe that being sepperated they have "Earned"...?

Or is it that perhaps there still tihngs to be learned?"

"What is the point in showing me this heartbraking scene?...

If its just to manipulate my guilt, then ask what does it mean?"

"Do you think this man yearns to be with his wife?"

"Don't you think he has "Earned" the right to stay with her for the rest of his life?"

The man was silent, he had not a single word to say

In a flash, they were gone, and now they were imidist a fray.

"Before you are two armies, both filled with the same race of men, but they wage war on each other...

...Do they not realize they are only killing their brothers?"

The man watches a slaughter before him unfold

One so tragic that it cannot begin to be told.

"Do you think these men deserve to die...!?

...Do you think they want their deaths to be the reaons their families cry!?"

The man is now irritated, because he does not know what to reply.

The stranger is sastified, and take them away once again, and this time they are far up in the sky.

They look down at the ocean, and they see men in a fishing boat.

it is quite obvious they are having trouble keeping their ship afloat.

For they have been caught within a great tempest, where it's strength has reached it peek

"Stranger, why don't these sailors just give up and admit defeat?"

The stranger does not answer but instead take the closer to see...

...The sailors fighting for their lives, from the bottemless sea!

The storm eventually subsides, the battle is won!

The vessel sets sail for one, with a total casulties of none.

the stranger turned to the man and began his reply

"Those men refused to give up, because they simply did not want to die!"

"But why" The man asked "What did they have to live for?"

"Just to live life, is enough of something worth fighting for!"

The man is now beginning to figure out his vistor's plot.

"Your using guilt to decieve me, but work it will not...!

As soon as this trip is over (Whether it be real or fake)...

...I will end my life, for my life was simply a mistake!"

The stranger raised his hands without saying a word.

And the world all around them became a blurr.

They appeared infront of two innocent children, playing a game with a toy.

The man instantly recconised them "There is the love of my life, and me as boy!"

The stranger asked the man a question, as if the answer he didn't already know.

"What happened between you two, that sepperated you from your love so long ago?"

The man took a deep breath, as a tear ran down his cheek.

"Take us there and see for yourself, of this I'd rather not speak"

Once again the stranger waved his hand and they arrived to the night...

...Where the man lost the one he loved, and lost his will to fight.

The man knew this sight all too well, because it haunted him in his dreams.

And now he was forced to watch it again, and it felt like his heart was being torn open from it's seams.

They were at her house, sitting by a fire.

He had just discovered that his love, was also a liar!

They began to argue, but he refused to let her explain.

The man tried to call to himself to stop, but it was in vain.

His lover had been a cheater, but she lied because she was afraid.

He did not care, his mind had been made.

And in his drunken stupor he made his greatest mistake

And called her a whore, and her life he did take.

The man had nothing to say, all he did was cry.

"Do you believe that you deserve to die?"

"I took her life! All caused by my jelousy and rage...!

...I spent 20 years in jail because of my young age...

...Now I spend every moment living with the guilt of her death...

...It is time I took my own dying breath!!!"

The stranger spoke once again to the man

"So sucidal glory is your plan?...

...Will that rectify the life that you stole?...

...Or is this simply a escape from your own hell hole??"

The man now enraged pulled off the stranger's hood.

"Angel or Demon, who are you to tell me what I f***ing should..."

and when he saw the stranger's face he instantly froze.

It was the one person the man would never suppose

"Do not fear me my love, for you have been forgiven...

...and even though I am no longer amoung the living...

...i want you to live each day, as if you were living it for me...

...and if you do so, together again we'll someday be"

The man had no chance to reply

He wasn't even able to say good-bye

For with a wave of her hand he rose up out of his sleep.

He knew at once the dream was real, and the lessons he must keep.

To live, is to love, and to love, is to forgive.

We must make the most out of everyday we live.

The man spent the rest of his life teaching the lessons he learned that night.

He taught how to love, and to forget how to fight.

Before he died, he was the age of 97.

And on his death bed, he was asked if he was going to heaven.

He answered honestly with tears in his eyes

"I do not deserve it, but we deserve nothing, if you want something you can only try!"

and try he did, he has lived a life for others, and began anew.

Because he forgave himself, God forgave him too


The author's comments:
my friend matthew and he dosent know about this i give all the criedit to him tell my what you think!

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