December 14, 2010

Walk alone when no one will follow.
Take a deep breath when its hard to swallow.
Breathe easy and clear.
Every last trouble, every unwanted fear.
Unique is subsequent.
Past irrelevant.
Slow down and walk tall.
When you stumble, know you won't fall.
Light at the end of the tunnel.
Even when your life is in a downward funnel.
Everything happens for a reason.
This too will past, just like the season.
And when you feel lost.
Realize you're worth whatever the cost.
No matter how big or small.
You stand skyscrapper tall.
Your journey, your path.
Breathe in again and take a laugh.
When the going gets rough.
And yes it is always tough.
Just know you are not alone.
Always waiting at the other end of that phone.
Rise as high as you can.
Even if it is alone that you stand.
Don't lose your way.
Tomorrow is a new day.

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