Goodbye to you, my Poor Dear...

December 14, 2010
You are so lost,
So stupid,
For letting hate dominate your love.
It will fall,
Into the darknees that is forever waiting
To swallow anything that is all someone has left.
For's one person.
One unstable person who can't hold even their own
So how can they hold you?
You wouldn't have to answer that if you hadn't shut out the world.
But you did.
So tell me,
What is it you will do?
Who can you fall on now?
Dont even say their name,
Because they won't be able to catch you.
And me?
I won't even try to catch you.
You left it to suffer,
And I finally had enough guts to kill it,
To shut the naive vision you saw of it up.
I would love to know,
Who do you lean on now?
Because I am gone,
Never to return.
I'm through with you and yours.
Because a friendship takes two,
And I was the only one pulling my end.
It snapped the moment you looked at her with distate.
The moment you painted evil pictures in their mind of her.
The moment you hated her.
Because she is part of who I am.
And even though you avoid this,
Part of who you admired.
Well guess what?
They don't see you in the light that they used to.
And they never will.
When you decide you want to change the way you handle things,
And the way you control they only person you have,
And apologize to my family for the absurd insults,
Then maybe you can have me back.
But, no matter what,
It will neve be the same.
Because you went too far,
Fell too hard.
And I'm not helping you back up.

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