Split (5-14-09)

December 14, 2010
No matter what you do
How you looking at things,
They mean nothing to you.
And you hate yourself for it.

You know you aren't worth what you want,
But you reach for it anyway.
But you mean nothing to them,
So you hate them for it.

There's a thin line between what you want and what you get
And you walk unpon that thin line, looking over the sides at the different crowds.
And you want one side but you fall tword the other
So you hate what you want because of it.

You can still see across the bridge where they laugh at you
And on your side they tease and make fun of you
So you run to the laughing figures, but get pulled back
Now you hate what you have because of it.

You are unhappy with what you have,
So your known as greedy and ungrateful
And those you have what to know what they have done wrong and you have no answer
So I hate myself for it

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