Cold... (1-20-09)

December 14, 2010
What do you want me to do?

I can't help what I'm not good at,

What I am good at...

What kind of friend are you?

To laugh at something I take pride in,

To stomp all ove me after I've done everthing to be a good friend,

And do you expect me to let you win?

You've used me, critisized me, and lied to me.

Give me a reason I should come back!

But whatever reason you give, it won't be valid.

No longer will I act as a friend, no longer you will have me.

But you will not notice...

You will not see the dislike....edging on hatred...I have for you.

I keep my friends at my side,

But I keep my enimies closer.

And laugh as you fall on cue.

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