Two Part Poem

December 14, 2010
By Kazzastrophic PLATINUM, White Deer, Texas
Kazzastrophic PLATINUM, White Deer, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
No matter how long the night, dawn will break.

Nothing Left:

There is no life left in me;
No soul to touch,
No heart to free,
No life to clutch.

I'm so empty...
There is nothing anymore.
No reason to be.
Nothing to live for.

Not even a strand remains.
I feel darkness...
Seeping into my veins.

I don't fight.
There is no point.
Because I no longer see the light.

I Pray:

I watch your eyes.
They are changing...
Finally realizing my lies.

I'm so sorry it ended this way...
It was never you,
I wished to betray.

I wish I could apologize.
But I know you wouldn't accept it,
For now you see the depth of my lies.

I pray you will move on.
I hope you find someoen who deserves you...
"No matter how long the night...there will be a dawn."

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