depressed little girl

December 14, 2010
she sits in the corner cryibg her eyes out.
she pulls the blade out, seeing the dried up blood on it.
she presses the metal blade to her skin, that sends shivers through her whole body.
she starts to make pictures on her pale white skin.
but these are not happy pictures.
their not exactly pictures, their just lines of blood.
she draws deeper and deeper hoping to find someting nice.
sinally she draws apon, into a vain.
blood squirts all over her, the walls, and floor of the room.
shes loosing sight.
shes smileing.
she sees the light to end it all.
and thats when here parents walk in.
but they are to late to save their little girl.
shes gone for good.
the note besides her is for her parents.
it explains why she did this.
it also says that she loves her parents, thats shes sorry and all her goodbyes.

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