A Night at the Movies

December 15, 2010
By catherinewuzhere BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
catherinewuzhere BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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Sitting there, intensely watching the movie,
Chortling at all the amusing mischief.
With a gigantic coke to the right of me,
And a mammoth tub of popcorn to my left,
Coated with a layer of white cheddar cheese,
I was all set to fulfill my hungriness.
My friend to the right reaches down for her purse.
Her right arm tips over the large popcorn tub.
Waves of popcorn fly with a white cheddar mist.
They land upon my innocent, little lap.
Everyone stops and gazes at the debris.
Stunned, I remain there, dumbfounded while they stare.
Realizing what just commenced before me.
Calmly I stand up from the mountain of ‘corn.
A waterfall of popcorn rushed down me.
The aftermath left my black shorts white as ghosts.

The author's comments:
Well, one time I was at the movies with my friend. We had our drinks in the cup holders and a large popcorn, that was well-seasoned with white cheddar,in between us. It was resting on the armrest. During the middle of the movie, my friend accidentally knocked the popcorn with elbow and all of the popcorn came flying over to me. I was wearing black shorts when I went, but came out with gray ones.

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