Of Course We Are Together

December 15, 2010
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Together we can what? Together we are who? Together we are what?

Together we see that we aren’t what we had planned to be, or went on to believe we were.

Together we see the reasons why we have fallen, and take the step to get back up.

Together we notice the subtle changes we make and feel proud for these changes.

Together we fight to see the next day that God gives us.

Together we go against the rules in order to achieve that greater task.

Together we do not understand why we act or speak, for there is always another who disagrees.

Together we act out of care for one another.

Together we are found stranded in our own pondering of meaning.

Together we see through many different viewpoints, rather than blinded by just one.

Together we argue for an idea, which we don’t even comprehend ourselves.

Together we seek the right decisions to make and the right paths to take.

Together we fight for the same respect and rights, yet we are separated by who does and does not receive them.

Together we are stronger than we ever were apart.

Together we feel afraid to stand up, but find the strength to anyway.

We engage in these many acts because of course we are together, and together we can.

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