I Really Don't Know

December 15, 2010
I don't know
when this started
I don't know
what first began this corruption.
I'm amazed at how much I've changed,
within a month,
I've become everything I've never wanted to be.
I want to take off the mask I am now wearing,
that I've criticized others for wearing...
It's suffocating the real me,
trapped inside,
I want to reverse this transformation.
This unwelcome possession of my soul,
and my tongue,
my lips,
my words,
I spit coated in fiery acid,
they stick and burn...
I close my heart,
and build walls...
I kill friendships with my keen edged words,
well placed,
to strike the heart.
I don't know
when ME stopped being good enough.
I don't care what people think,
but I don't feel pretty,
I feel plain,
and definitely,


So I cover what I see...

Can you see?

God I hope not...
This is why

I am alone.

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BeTwEenDrEaMiNGaNdCoMiNGTrUE said...
Jan. 13, 2011 at 3:00 pm
Mmkay, so I totally respect the editors and all... just i wish that when i wrote something exactally the way i wanted it to be, that they wouldn't edit it and put in words i didn't say... it completely misconstrues the entire message!!
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