From the Strangled Muse

December 15, 2010
By JacobWollam GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
JacobWollam GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
Everything is just a vehicle for cheese.

Words start flowing

shortly before the tears

life looks up for a moment

and a smile spreads

a sudden urge to dance in the rain

an urge to sit alone

the feeling of the pen against paper

the nessiccity of the prose

running from the imaginary

doubting the real

everything turns gray

turns purple

life makes sense

then falls apart

when goverened

by the strangled muse

sight is only a suggestion

only the sad songs play in our ears

life and love become together

and without one, we live in fear

a voice inside that keeps singing

even when our voice is long gone

our heart beat in rythym to our footsteps

our minds in sync with the world

everything goes back to you

when I listen to the stangled muse

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