Life as a dream

December 15, 2010
By chocolateluvr BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
chocolateluvr BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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Lift your feet up and smell the ground underneath.
Feel the air through your hair.
Smell the dew on the grass.
Love others around you.
Brink a smile to a friend beside you.
Pray for the ones in hunger.
Cry for the loved ones.
Belive in heaven.
Bring freedom to everyone.
Happiness is in your hands.
Live life like imagination your only goal in life.
Fly with your hopes up.
And once in a while smile to the world and think life as a dream.

The author's comments:
It shows the real meaning of life as it is "a dream." Thnks 2 everyone who have read this!!:)

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