Together we can

December 15, 2010
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My world
Is complex to explain
But no one’s willing to understand
There’s school
And social networks
And relationships
And peer pressure

Your world
Is my world
Where there’s
Children dying
People fighting
Drinkers driving

Our world
Is total chaos
Where we harm each other
Instead of helping each other
We destroy each other
Instead of thinking of cures to destroy diseases
We fight each other
Like cancer
And sickle cell
And diabetes
Battle to slay the sick ones body cells

My world, your world, our world
Is this world
This world where we need to be tough for each other
Serving one another
Like plates in the cafeteria lunch line
But we still seem to divide
Because of
And gender
What does it matter
We’re all individuals

Who cares if you’re

Black or white
Gay or straight
Male or female
We are all humans
We are all people
We are all god’s children
And until we realize that we are all made unusual
Then together we can
Hold each other’s hands
To make this world one peaceful land

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