December 15, 2010
By , Waynesville, NC
Long ago I lived a life in a place by the sea.
Long ago I worked and toiled and bore work on my knees.
Long ago the sun rose an set in the same pace it had always been.
Long ago I bartered with the dark to forgive me of my sins.
Long ago I committed wrong and did someone an injustice.
Long ago I murdered a soul merely because I lusted.
Something happened long ago, in the ignorance of my youth.
Something happened long ago, when I was quite uncouth.
Something happened long ago, when I was young and spry.
I let one love flourish itself, and I let one love die.
I denounced all loyalties I had to my name and ran, without looking back.
I squandered any want for shame for my conscience was under attack.
I shook hands with the enemy, made acquaintance with compromise.
I stepped with faulty standing, which encouraged my demise.
I chuckled at adversity, held laughter in my hand.
But when I moved myself about, the laughter stayed where I stand.
I jumped, I leaped, I bounded in attempts to make escape.
I was always very hesitant, to even contemplate.
Speaking as a sinner, as I, myself, am doing, I am speaking for the masses of the plagues that must be ensuing.
For all have transgressed and are arranged in the same classes.
For though my deed was dirty and its discovery is yet to be seen.
All must face reconciliation, all must cease to be.

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