December 15, 2010
I thought I could make you love me,
but I thought wrong. A sense of wanting love from you made me feel alone. You cant love me cause your love is not strong. I held you in my hands as I sung this song. I wanted you to love me but I thought wrong. The kiss I placed upon your lips was nothing cause you said so long. Why because you say the reason was strong but what about the love. Why was that not strong? Caring for the one you love is what makes love strong not leaving because when their trying to hold on. I thought you loved me but i thought wrong. The tears they flow and my pain is holding on. Why, Why don't you care,or love me? I'm sorry i couldn't love you the way you wanted me too. I didn't want to be that weak woman and do as you say. I carried you to long. Mother told me never let him take up the home that you have made. Treat him like the king that he is thought to be but never let him take what belong to the queen. I GAVE YOU A QUEEN BUT THIS QUEEN YOU SAY WAS SO WRONG BECAUSE I STAND WITH PRIDE OF YOU NOT WALKING OVER ME.I thought you loved me but i thought wrong.I AM MORE THEN WHAT YOU SEE. I AM A QUEEN CAUSE HE MADE ME. NEVER LET YOU TAKE OVER ME,ONLY YOU CAN BREAK ME BUT HE BUILDS ME. I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME BUT I THOUGHT WRONG, CAUSE AT THE END I AM MY OWN.

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