The Gargoyles

December 15, 2010
By LuciousGrim BRONZE, Canon City, Colorado
LuciousGrim BRONZE, Canon City, Colorado
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Watching, waiting, sitting, guarding, they sit & watch, looking upon all of the people living their lives, seeing them hurt one another never once will a by stander lend a hand. They wait for the world to change, for things to lighten up the darkness that drapes the earth in a thick black cloth, suffocating all good & joy. They sit, they stay where they are because it’s not their world, they sit because they may not interfere, we must change our selves. They guard the place where they rest, the place they call home, they protect it from harm & from the evil of the earth. They try to tell us, we should change, because even a heart made of stone, can feel pain.

The author's comments:
This is a Piece from my book "The Grim Happiness" soon to be published

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