Little miss prissy

December 15, 2010
By Anonymous

Little miss prissy,dressed all in pink,hair blowing but yet there's no breeze..
Face is flawless,just like on a model.,
everyone jealous,but no one sees..
When you get home,and you're all alone,tears begin to fall from your eyes..,
No,life aint as perfect as it seems..
and you're faking as each day goes by..
Screw the guys who whistle..
Screw the girls who wish they were you..
You're dealing with your own self doubts right now..
after all,you're human too..
Everyone thinks you have it together..
but girl,if they only knew..
You'd switch places with him,her,anyone really,,
you'd love to step into their shoes..
Everyone admires your body..
but no one knows you starve yourself everyday..
Everyone jealous of the things you have..
but only if they knew why you got it this way...
Your dad walked out when you were just five,,
you begged him not to leave...
He got re-married,moved far away..
Sends big checks..but never calls to speak...
You hate him for just thinking he can buy you off..
and now your mom's even with a new dude..
The guy is a jerk,who slaps her around..
even hit you a few times too..
It's a miracle what make-up can hide..
the bruises,and all the scars..
you even wear make-up on your mind..
So people dont find out who you really are..
Little miss prissy,dressed all in pink...
Smile,but yet it's a fake...
You're so misjudged,nobody knows you...
but somehow you like it that way...

The author's comments:
This poem came to me randomlly one day,when i was thinking about the prettiest,smartest,and most popular people i know..people think their life is so perfect..sometimes we just dont get the whole picture...

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