The Memorie Of Us

December 15, 2010
By Joshalynn Combs BRONZE, Greenville, Virginia
Joshalynn Combs BRONZE, Greenville, Virginia
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Your eyes remind me of a profound blue ocean; continuously in motion.
I can see when a storm starts to arise; they seem to harden with despise.
I know when the sun shines because the blue waters in them glisten.
Either way; say what you have to say; I'm here to listen.
I won't judge, nor will I hold a grudge.
I am your friend, I do not pretend.
Your voice is strong and deep;
Soothing enough to make me fall asleep.
You help me through the worst of life,
We share the best of times laughing and balancing on the edge of a knife.
You smell of home, loving and tame,
Never the smell of anger and blame.
We have gone to places where angels fear to tread.
Laid upon the Forbidden Garden bed.
We have ate the sweet fruit of temptation and survived the inevitable damnation.
We have the touch of fire,
It burns wild with desire.
It flares up my arms to my heart.
The scars still exist on me like graphic art.
They are soft and smooth like it is our own personal tattoo.
Unforgettable, unremovable, unpredictable, ever existing like deja vu.

The author's comments:
I was insprired to write this poem from a best friend whom I fell in love with. I've never told him how I felt. These are some of the things I remeber from him. But for sure I'd rather have him as a friend than nothing at all.

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