Let Me Tell You About Me

December 15, 2010
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I have no sanity-no clarity.
My mind is jumbled with endless thoughts and fantasies.
All of them are full of strong complexity.
Not a single part of me has any simplicity.
Phenomenal I may be; mysteries are what cover me.
I am perpetual-ageless throughout centuries.
Disdain is not a part of me; I only speak truth.
I don't criticize of ways to pull a tooth.
Love from my heart is unconditional; but I am not condoned with betrayal.
My words may be as piercing as a knife; but they teach a lesson in life.
I am no human of higher standard, but rather a regular person of a perfect balance.
I cherish my talents.
I am superior in my own ways.
I live for each day.
I care for the weak; I believe my spirit is meek.
I enclose myself in a security blanket; I do not see myself as a prized trinket.
It takes much to make me budge; I will not be put on trial and be judged.
Provoking me does no good; obviously you have misunderstood.
I am me and you are you.
If we are to be equal then don’t trump the balance of equality.
You may wonder who I am,
Because you don’t see me as the intriguing pearl that has been stolen from the clam.
You see me as intimidating and feel that you must protect yourself from an enemy waiting.
I am not to be feared, for I am an ordinary person just like you dear.
Baiting others is to walk down a perilous road,
Forever being homeless and never welcomed to a humble abode.
The more I say the more you disbelieve.
I am not telling you this to deceive.
I wish to tell you of Me;
Not to just talk to a wall or tree.
I am not a magician.
I am not God.
I am the beholder of an old soul with many lessons and stories that need to be told.
I have walked among gypsies;
I have resisted war with fellow hippies.
I have fought many battles, each one leaving me rattled.
I have lived in the streets wearing clothes that are tattered.
I have gaven my heart away to a blue-eyed man who I watched be shattered.
Most of my life my pride shone, until I had to walk the path of life alone.
I have been ruled by arrogance and hurt by ignorance.
I was the wise one who took a fools advice.
The fool’s words were not enticed.
I am the daughter of a poor farmer.
You do not see me complain.
I was never held back or tied with chains.
I see you wonder of my name;
But who’s to blame for I would want to know too of the one who claims such fame.
My name is Joshalynn; I am not delicate like porcelain.
I live my dreams, and with that my smile beams.

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