December 15, 2010
By Anonymous

Head over heels 'cause you've found the one..
the one who's so wrong,but feels right..
Everyone warns you,that you'll only get hurt..
but this angel is blinding your sight..
All of your heart is put into a cause..
that may not be worth it in the end..
Rest your head on your pillow at night..
preying as hard as you possibly can..
Then there comes the harsh awakening..
when you realize your prayer wont come true..
Because the one,you once called your angel..
is quickly slipping away from you..
Remembering all the good times..
makes you wanna forgive 'em for the bad..
Even though they've hurt you endlessly..
you try to get back,what you once had..
A little fact about love though..
is that it can never be pushed or forced..
Kicking and screaming for them to stay..
only makes it worse..

The author's comments:
Wrote this after breaking up with my first boyfriend..

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