A Word From Yours Truly

December 23, 2010
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Let me tell you a little something,
A little something to keep your life from tumbling,
It's a lesson I learned when my life started to fall,
You might think you know it all,
About life,
But you can't never say you can walk til you learn how to crawl,
So listen,
Don't think about the things you are missing,
Cuz they bring you down,
Crashing to the ground,
And you will end up spending your life trying to turn it around,
Just like me,
I fell down to my knees,
All I had was a knife,
And nothing else but the thought of taking my own life,
But I was just lucky,
To have someone to help me out of the sucky,
And into the light,
So now I can write,
About how glad I am,
Glad I got out,
And now without a doubt,
I love my life,
My state of being,
Enjoying everything that I'm seeing,
And that's the way to live,
Life is what you give,
Share it,
The happiness,
The fabulous,
Don't hold it but spread it, Stretch it,
That's the lesson I got,
Give it a lot of thought,
I hope you learn a lot,
Cuz I spend a lot of time trying to make this hot,
I don't know if it is,
So tell me,
What do you think of this? ?

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