High in the Sky

December 19, 2010
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I wanna fly high
High above the sky
And on our way up we’ll wave to the birds
Hugging sweet tree tops
We’ll sing to the soundless clouds
And I’ll kiss the stars; yeah we’ll stay up here forever

We’ll watch the boats dance with the docks
The cars completing their never ending maze
We’ll watch the church bells ring, the flowers bloom

And as we take all this in its only a matter of time before
Its time to complete the circle and start this journey again
Cause boy, I’ll miss the stars, for they can’t tell my secrets
They hold the peace in our hearts

And as we rise in disguise, consulting the winds,
the northern lights just aren’t fine,
without the warm feeling of his hands holding mine

Watching for sky scrapers, making sure the light houses do their job
The planes just sitting there,
in midair

But as we watch, so surprised, by how the sun’s start to rise,
We float to our homes, saying our goodbyes; we head home to our beds,
Awaiting that Tuesday we’ll descend far down deep,
To explore that big blue world below

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