That girl with ebony hair

December 20, 2010
By ladybug8828 BRONZE, AVENTURA, Florida
ladybug8828 BRONZE, AVENTURA, Florida
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That girl with ebony hair
Watch as she looks in the mirror and sees a hideous corpse their
Crooked teeth, nappy hair, a face full of acne
Yet on her doorstep, dozens of roses lay there
That girl with ebony hair
Watch as she rises above adversity and makes it to the top
Listen to the shatters of glass every night, as she regrets she ever learned how to talk
That girl with ebony hair
Charming as can be
The boys flock to her door
But she’s to busy in the bathroom flushing her broken dreams
That girl with ebony hair
A mighty heart of gold she had there
Not a sin or scratch could be found
But one false cut and pulse rate couldn’t be found
That girl with ebony hair
Quiet, yet has so much to say
Put her in front of a crowd, and its like magic
Put her in front of a boy and a paramedic is on its way
That girl with ebony hair
Has not a dime to her name
Just a bag of receipts ranging from McDonald’s burgers, to toothpaste, cologne and aftershave
That girl with ebony hair
Strong and bold
Making strides in fields unknown
That girl with ebony hair
Dimples engraved by angels carefully into her cocoa butter skin
What she sees on the surface is an illusion of what is within
For her it’s always Nagasaki outside her bathroom walls
The white of her skin blinds her in the mirror
The reflection of her face in the running water shows a beaten and broken woman
That girl with ebony hair
She struggles for a breath and clenches onto the sides of the sink
“Finally, HERES PROOF” she screams and scuttles off into the open space
That girl with ebony hair
Half naked upon the hardwood floor she lays with a phone in her hand
Calling her best friend to show how the scars are their, its not in her head, at least not today
That girl with ebony hair
Like a president at an inaugural address, finds the strength to stand proudly in front of the steamy mirror and show the world what she was talking about all along
A few camera phone shots will confirm the song verses and poetry she posts on facebook about this ongoing torture
That girl with ebony hair
Self inflicted wounds, well hey its normal
Abusive relationships don’t have to have physical consequences to hurt
If our actions speak louder than words, then what do our words speak louder than?
Louder than this ebony girl’s screams of agony at night?
Or the “Ssssttt” sound she makes whenever she touches her knee that she slid on when rushing to bathroom to hide her tears?
That girl with ebony hair represents the millions of African American women in abusive relationships in America today
That girl with ebony hair should be a part of all of us every day.
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The author's comments:
This poem is related to women in verbally abusive relationships, or those that deal with body image issues. Wounds dont always have to show to know thast someone is hurting

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