Disappearing Star

December 19, 2010
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Staring at a dark, night sky
Glimmers of light seem to appear
And glimpses of hope are found
Within the measures of an endless night sky

The stars don’t exist,
I tell myself
Shimmering dots of the imagination

I wish I still had
Going back to the time of day,
When the sky was only blue,
And no mysteries existed,

In such a proud and infinite

Shade of blue

Thoughts ramble, as my eyes shift
Blue eyes, and then gone,
Like the stars I almost saw
Believing in a tomorrow,
Where the stars could be seen with
Only Brown Eyes

They reappear,
And nostalgia burns like the sun
That rises with colors so strange
Far from the black I once believed
Would always be

As quickly as they came,
But slowly like the dream,
That never seems to fade
Washed away by the rain,
And colored by the shades of life
That spread across the clouds
Like the blue of the sky
That only dies once the glimmers return,
And the black of the night
Consumes the thoughts that are silenced
By the brilliance of

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