Frozen Forest

December 14, 2010
By Beth_L BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
Beth_L BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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Delicate carving of initials into the forlorn tree
Bees buzzing around frozen petals
Wind whispering through pine needles
Breath floating past frost bitten fingers
Sparks fly into starry night
Far off birds’ cold, careful tweets
Smoke rising from chimneys meeting the blanket of clouds
Eyes searching for moon through the thicket
The crack of a moss coated branch as a deer missteps
Silent flight of the fireflies in the dark
Rush of the frozen brook underneath the ice
Intake of breath as the sun creeps over the mountains
Aroma of pancakes and syrup rolling out of cabin windows
Sloshing of boots in freshly laid snow
Steaming hot chocolate on freckled children’s lips
Icicles sparkle, hanging from the eaves
The comforting crackle of the warm fire

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