A Life Worth Living

December 14, 2010
A sojourn
Not to dip my toes into the shallow pools of society
But a full immersion in the world and all its glory
To clutch the strands of truth through the earth’s body
A body that would teach me all its secrets and show me all its gifts
I will exclude myself from the majority
Preserving the purity of my heart
And letting it pound in cadence with the rhythms of the stream
That runs through the chaste land on which I roam
I will never surrender to the ideals that have been surmised from fallible popularity
But I will learn from the heart of the earth
How to live

For if I simply allow myself to be carried away in the tides of society
My life will be that of no value
I, a mere shell
With a soul that was born into the world
With eyes shut
And died, without every truly seeing
For fear that I will never live
I must look to the earth
For truth cannot be found within humanity
But within the grooves of the earth’s surface

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