December 14, 2010
By Evan711 BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
Evan711 BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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Sun stretching its arms over the mountains.
Chalky white silhouettes on our clothes.
Scream of a skateboard on a hard turn.
Scratching of the chain link fence in the wind.
Perched ears waiting for someone to chase us out.
Cries of pain erupting from a slippery surface.
Bravery not seen even on a Spartan battlefield.
The Pool, a gladiator ring everybody fighting to be the best.
Sides are cliffs that you have to jump off and see if you can make it.
Surfing the sides watching so you don’t slip and the crest comes crashing down.
Going over the light like a diamond everyone desires.
Gravel cackling under your feet.
Cars running by so close you can feel the air push off them.
Slushy like the breath of the Arctic Circle.
Valley right over the fence, if you go too high you can fly off into the sun.
Music dancing across the yard for all to hear.
Language usually only said by sailors if we fall.
Smells that make your stomach ache for food.
Explosions of forgotten bottles by the side of the road.
Rocks waiting, ready to assassinate anyone who rolls near them.
Road as rough as the moon.
Mountain towering over as a giant would.
Phones nervously twitching as they find messages.
Straws wail as they run out of drink.
The flick of a forgotten lighter.
The cold hug of a pool on a hot day.
Angry voice of a dog always trapped behind that gate.
Chatter of pool balls hitting each other always avoiding the eight ball.
A god like battle over the last cookie.
Warm tongue of flames licking your face.
Fresh cut grass that reminds you of your childhood.
Palm trees waving goodbye in the wind.

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