A Day in the Mountains

December 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Winding road twisting with the mountain
Dog slobber hitting faux leather seats
Butterfly wings against crisp sky
Cyclist’s steady climb
Twisting gears pulling ever upward in a rusty chairlift
Tear of dog leashes against unsuspecting hands
Lighting thundering down
Tautness of tied shoelaces
Green of ferns pushing beyond blackened earth
Touch of a thousand lady bugs lifting off together
Standing 7000 feet above the setting sun
Lids of plastic bottles twirling in place
A scene left from Van Gogh
Moisture in moss
Click of Japanese cameras
Building of memories
Punctuation of flashlights into creeping darkness
Flight of the wind
Dancing of a fire
Sweat on weary travelers
Looming cloud’s promise of safe haven in the car
Aspen bark peeling
Empty houses lining busy streets
The loudness of Saturdays
Opening of an automatic car door
Color of evergreen boughs
Blooming of a new thought from old memories
Pictures taken and footsteps left
Bird laughter
Sunlight hitting perfect skipping stones
Treads against dirt and fallen leaves
Pump of adrenaline
Caterwaul of scree tumbling down steep hills
Whiteness of sunscreen
Quiet blurring of trees
Four spinning wheels following the road back home

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