Teenage Era

December 19, 2010
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We grew up wishing with hearts full of glee;
Wishing to be whatever we wanted to be.

Potential shone bright in our eyes;
Our untainted ears not yet exposed to lies.
As we cheered with a rending cry, “I want that! I want this!”
We can’t imagine a more fulfilling bliss
Than that of being contently unaware; of being kids forever
Without ever having to face a grown-ups endeavor.
Alas, in the end all good things disappear
And soon we were in 8th grade; a child’s last frontier.
We were told to grow up, to leave it all behind.
But with heart and mind we’ll say no; that we want it all to rewind.
To go back to when we knew not yet what the future held;
When every other word we wrote was always misspelled.
They say to favor the future and to forget the past;
That like the world, the future is so mysterious and vast.
We are after all simple minded beings;
To us the future is full of many bad things.
Matters of the heart just get you hurt after all;
They make love-sick creatures with minds full of gall.
True sadness has yet to strike our hearts.
It’s next year; 9th grade, that’s when it all starts.
So be prepared my friend; for the despair, depression, and heartache.
High school is when everyone starts to awake.
Dreams of living a carefree life are no more;
Those kinds of dreams can’t open a single door.
Doors we knock upon for a chance of a good life;
A life without any mayhem or sadness or strife.
But always remember, even in pursuit of adulthood
Of those strong dreams that always withstood
The strongest of storms and the hottest of fires.
A toast; that’s what this requires.
A toast to the brave new world in this day and age;
This wonderful era; this era of the teenage.

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