mother nature

December 19, 2010
By Anonymous

I watch the fresh water flow with in me

I can feel the roots between my toes

Each hair slowly growing and spreading

The miniscule petals which fall to the ground

They cover my wounds, and caress the beauty

As the cherry blossoms sprout on each branch

They start, starch white with no character

Living amongst nature

Each blossom turns pink

Deeply sinking into warm red

Animals linger nearby and call for fresh fruits

Each Lilli and lavender envelope the ground

The grass shoots vines and leaves up the tree

Each leaf forming with the tree

Becoming part of the tree

Each fruit falls

Lying gently in the soft hay stacked grass

Lavender and Lilies surrounding the fruits
Animals gather together

Sweet song birds perching in the branches

Warm sun light piercing the cherry blossom petals

Light reflecting through the leaves

Each ray of light breaking

Each color bursting from the beams

Red, yellow, green

Blue, purple, violet

Animals spring forward as the day breaks free

Heat, radiance, and warmth

Another day in nature

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